We are proud to offer financial assistance to several categories of our valued clientele.

Shelter and Rescue

Shelter and rescue adopters are eligible for 10% off a single private or in-home lesson.

Public Safety & Military

Audrey's formal interest in dog training began after paramedic school, when she became involved in search and rescue. During her time in EMS, she gained an appreciation for the sacrifices that men and women in public safety make each day. Offering a 10% discount for all group classes is her way of giving back to the public safety community that continues to shape who she is as a person and professional dog trainer. This scholarship is for all public safety and military personnel (e.g. EMS, Fire, LE, SAR), regardless of the working status of the dog. Thank you for your service!

Clients with Disabilities

Requiring a service dog to mitigate one's disability is a huge out-of-pocket medical expense, and owning a pet while facing chronic medical conditions is likewise financially difficult. Our goal is to help in any small way we can by providing a 10% discount for group classes and private lessons (no limit).

The Stuart Suite

Stuart was a Paws4ever Animal Sanctuary resident, initially pulled from an open-admissions shelter, who touched the Harenbergs' hearts and lives forever. During his year in limbo, Stuart competed in disc dog trials while enrolled in numerous other family manners and sporting classes at the Paws4ever Learning Center before finally being recruited by a service dog training organisation. Stuart is our motivation for maintaining a suite dedicated to providing a state-of-the-art education and luxurious temporary home for shelter dogs of exceptional character who would be best matched to sport, working, or special needs homes.